AboutPageMapTime-3servicesA lot of things in life are overrated. Hope is not one of them. Hope lets us believe that things can be different. It allows us to dream, changes our perspective; it sees potential. Hope means it’s not over yet—that maybe our lives could be less complicated, our families could grow closer, that we could find more peace, purpose, direction, meaning, love. No matter who we are, where we’ve come from, or what our lives look like, we could all use a little more hope, couldn’t we?

At Mission Church we believe that through Jesus Christ, there is Hope For Everyone. Not just some of us, but all of us. We are a church, a community of people…

Where everyone is welcome
Where we serve our community’s greatest needs together
Where the Bible is presented in a way that applies to our everyday life
Where you can come just as you are
Where humility is the highest honor
Where we live sacrificially
Where grace changes everything
Where we do life together, not just a service
Where we celebrate authenticity, not conformity
Where we help people find their unique way back to God
Where we take the mission seriously, ourselves–not so much
Where we join where God is already working
Where we laugh a lot
Where we love God and love people
Where there is Hope for Everyone.

Mission Church is a new church for the city of Ventura.

Want even more information?  Here’s a little bit more about us…in a nutshell.

Email us here: info@missionventura.com

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